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Friends of the Children’s Ward Foundation (SABA)

SABA Foundation is actively entertaining the children patients at selected hospitals. This community is established on the 7th of April 2011 by 10 volunteers who has been involved in humanitarian activities, and already received its legal license as a Foundation based on the Notary Act from Ashora Ratam, S.H., no. 5 dated 6 February 2012.

SABA Foundation entertains the children patients by performing these types of activities:

  • Visited the hospitals and distributed goodie bags, toys, books and provide the entertainment for them.
  • Creating events outside the hospital such as gathering, outing, and watching a movie or a play with healthy children / their families.
  • Decorating and renovating children’s ward with playful theme.
  • Upgrading hospital’s entertainment and educational facilities specifically at the children’s ward.
  • Granting children’s patients’ wishes.

SABA foundation also entertain other unfortunate children who such as street kids and children with disabilities.


SABA foundation has collaborated with several institutions including but not limited to several hospitals, US Embassy, Maria Monique Lastwish foundation, Rotary Jakarta Batavia, SLB 5 Special School, Sentul Racing Community and Pelita Jaya Football Club to name a few.

Recent Activities:

  • Fasting break gathering at Harapan Kita Hospital Children’s ward
  • An outing to Sentul Race Track to try the racing cars for 20 children with Cancer.
  • An outing with 20 children patients to Kidzania
  • Setup a ‘Happy Room’ playroom at SLB 5 Petamburan Jakarta Special School for disabled children
  • Year end gathering to Harapan Kita Hospital’s Children Ward with US Embassy
  • Year end visit to RSCM and RSK Dharmais.


Benny Junito, Denny Indrawan, Maritza Damayanti,  Iris Yunita Paramayanti


Member of SABA Foundation Committee

Committee’s Advisor
Bobby Heru Abuwisono
Denny Indrawan

Committee’s Observer
Diana Sari Subingar

Committee Members
Head of Committee/Chair: Benny Junito
Deputy Head of Committee I: Maritza Damayanti
Deputy Head of Committee II: Indriati Rizka Dwita
Secretary: Iris Yunita Paramayanti
Treasurer I: Ratih N Rachmani
Treasurer II: Indah Purwanasari
Member: Maharani Lusia
Member: Adrianus D Wicaksono


Contact Information 

Jl Kuricang II GD2/24, Sektor 3A, Bintaro Jaya, Tanggerang Selatan, Banten.


Benny Junito (Chair), M: +62 8778 2050 908, T: +6221 7352128, E:

Maritza Damayanti (Deputy head of community), M: +62 8151 4896 899/+6221 9370 3699


You may send your donation via

Bank Mandiri 1250020272027
Beneficiary: Yayasan Sahabat Bangsal Anak

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125-002-0272-027 a/n Yayasan Sahabat Bangsal Anak

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